Tours in Peru: Inca Trail, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Chachapoyas, Puno, Arequipa.
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 Peru Tours >> Travel to Peru >> Peru Sun and Moon
Peru Tours - Travel to Peru
Tour: Peru Sun and Moon
(15 days/14 nights)

Peru Sun and Moon -  Tours in Peru

Day 1: Lima
Arrival to Lima, assistance and transfer to the selected hotel.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Day 2: Lima
Breakfast in hotel.
During the afternoon, the best tour to become familiar with Lima and its history.
Our tour gives you the best combination of attractions in Lima from pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Modern times.
A guided tour of Huaca Pucllana, a magnificent ceremonial and administrative site, dating back to the IV century A.D., which the Incas called "Naupallaqta", or sacred town. You will also visit Huaca Huallmarca, a typical pyramid characteristic of sacred pre-Hispanic edifices found along the Peruvian coast.
A visit to Lima's historic downtown, including Paseo de la República, Plaza San Martín, the Main Plaza and the surrounding monuments: the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace, City Hall, the Desamparados train station, and the Moorish-style houses and balconies along Lima's old streets.
The next stop is San Francisco Convent, with the best exhibition of Colonial Art in Latin America. The tour includes the Choir Hall, the Monks' Library and the Sacristy, featuring a collection of Zurbarán and Rivera oil paintings. After visiting the Main Patio of the Cloister to see its fine XVI century Seville tiles and Moorish Arches, the tour will proceed to the Underground Crypts known as the Catacombs.

Main Square - Lima - Tours in Peru

A visit to the traditional neighborhood near the San Isidro Golf Club, the Olive Grove Park and the modern LarcoMar shopping and entertainment complex, a distinctive landmark of Modern Lima offering a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. The tour of LarcoMar features a splendid exhibit of Peruvian alpaca textiles, and jewellery and handicrafts from the many regions and civilizations of historic Peru.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Day 3: Lima - Puno
Breakfast in hotel.
At the right time, transfer to the airport to take the flight to Puno.
Arrival in Puno and transfer to the selected hotel.
Overnight at the selected hotel.

Day 4: Puno
Breakfast in hotel.
Early in the morning, we embark for a boat excursion on Lake Titicaca. We visit the Uros Indians, who build their homes on "floating islands" of totora reeds and are known for their boats made of the same material. Continue as far as the Island of Taquile. Members of this self-supporting Aymara community receive visitors to show them their costumes and show them around the island. Taquile is renown for its fine decorative weavings.
Come back to Puno.
Overnight at the selected hotel.

Day 5: Puno - Cusco
Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer Hotel to Bus station, to go to Cusco. The way will allow to enjoy colorful natural landscapes of the Peruvian plateau. It was appraised small towns and farmer with his flocks of flames and vicunas. During the passage one visited pyramids of Pucará that emphasize by its impressive architecture, the temple of Raqchi, power center per excellence constructed in honor to the God Wiracocha, and already near Cusco the colonial town of Andahuaylillas that has a chapel that called the Sistine Chapel of the Andes. Lunch including.
Arrival to Cusco and transfer to the Hotel.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Main Square - Cusco - Tours in Peru
Day 6: Cusco
Breakfast in hotel.
Morning free to adjust to the altitude.
Enjoy an afternoon guided tour of the city and nearby ruins including Kenko, the ceremonial bath of Tambomachay, and the amazing Sacsayhuaman fortress.
Return to your hotel later in the day.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Sacsayhuaman - Cusco - Tours in Peru
Day 7: Sacred Valley
Breakfast in hotel.
Full day tour, including visits to the colorful Pisac Indian Market and the Ollantaytambo Fortress. At an elevation of 8,500 feet, the Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley of the Incas, is the historic heart of the Inca Empire. It was intensively cultivated with terraces increasing its harvest several fold. Small villages lined the valley floor, while the stone fortresses of Ollantaytambo and Pisac served the dual purpose of providing protection and serving as religious centers. Without the benefit of the wheel, the Incas built massive stone cities and ruled an empire stretching 3,300 miles over some of the harshest terrain on earth. Without the use of mortar, the Inca constructed their cities, suspension bridges, and aqueduct systems, with an engineering expertise that has survived five hundred years of natural disasters, conquest, and modern development. PLEASE NOTE THE PISAC MARKET ONLY TAKES PLACES ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS. Overnight ate the selected hotel in the Sacred Valley.
Day 8: Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu
Breakfast in hotel.
Early in the morning, you will be transferred to the railway station for the tourist class train to Machu Picchu. The 3 hour train journey passes through picturesque Andean scenery, passing traditional villages, Inca ruins and rushing rivers. We'll descend 1300 metres through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and follow the Urubamba River to Aguas Calientes. After dropping off our luggage we'll take the 20 minute bus ride up to Machu Picchu, perched 600 metres above the river. After lunch your archeological guide will take you on a walking tour of the site. The famous lost city of the Incas is one of the most magical and mysterious places on Earth. Situated on the spine of a jungle-cloaked granite peak towering some 600 metres above an entrenched meandering of the roaring river below, the site is frequently shrouded in misty clouds pierced by the powerful equatorial sun. Constructed from precisely sculptured granite blocks carefully joined with the projecting exposed stone of the surrounding mountain, the site may well be the finest architectural achievement of the new world.
Overnight at Aguas Calientes
Machu Picchu - Cusco - Tours in Peru
Day 9: Machu Picchu - Cusco
Breakfast in hotel.
Morning free.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Afternoon back to Cuzco and transfer to hotel.
Overnight Hotel Cuzco.
Day 10: Cusco - Puerto Maldonado
Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer to the airport for your flight to go to Puerto Maldonado.
Transfer from Puerto Maldonado airport to the river port on the Madre de Dios River. A 30 minutes journey down the Madre de Dios River by motor canoe brings you to the riverside trailhead to Sandoval Lake Lodge. From here the trail takes you on a 2-miles (3,2-kilometers) walk through secondary forest, until we reach a small canal where we board canoes and are paddled 220 yards (201 meters) through a flooded forest of 100-foot (30-meters) tall Mauritia palms. As the canal opens onto the shimmering surface of the lake, we transfer to a catamaran and are leisurely paddled across half the lake to the lodge.
After lunch and a brief rest to avoid the early afternoon heat, we will learn about the history of the lodge and the philosophy of its founders. Then we once again board the catamaran and set off to explore the entire west end of the lake. Here, in the flooded palm forest we drift to the sounds of hundreds of Red-Bellied Macaws as they return to the palm forest for the night. This macaw species is found locally in parts of the Amazon, always living in flooded palm forests such as the beautiful palm stand at Sandoval Lake. At 500-800 birds, this flock of macaws at Sandoval Lake is currently the largest reported in the world for this highly-specialized macaw.
As night falls we will look for the large and extremely rare Black Caimans. If it is a clear starlit night, we will also be able to float in the middle of the lake to marvel at the brilliance of the sky and listen to the sounds of the forest.
We return to the lodge for a short video or slide presentation and dinner. At any point, you could step out from the bar to admire the wide variety of nocturnal moths, beetles and praying mantis attracted to our black light in the lodge clearing.
For those with lots of energy, our guide will take us on a short night-walk into the forest behind the lodge.
Macaw - Sandoval - Tours in Peru
Day 11: Sandoval Lake Lodge, Puerto Maldonado
A pre-dawn wake-up call will enable us to be on the lake for sunrise and a hopeful encounter with the family of Giant Otters who frequent the lake and are most active at this time of day. Sandoval Lake offers abundant wildlife including over 40 species of birds resident to its lake margins, most of the fish-eating water birds around the lake actively fish in the early morning as well, and this outing should provide excellent views, of the prehistoric- looking Hoatzins, These are easy to observe and also photograph from the paddled canoes or catamarans.
After returning for a late breakfast we set off into the cool under story of the tall virgin forest near the lake to see some towering wild Brazil Nut trees and a demonstration of how our hosts collect, open and commercialize this important natural product.
After lunch and an hour or so to relax we once again board the catamaran to explore the eastern part of the lake, where we might see one or more of the five species of monkeys who live in the forest near the lake, such as the Brown Capuchin Monkey and Squirrel Monkey.
Before dinner we will again enjoy an informative natural history video or slide presentation.
We will leave after dinner to try and spot some Black Caimans on the lake, or to go on a short night walk through the primary forest.
Lake Sandoval - Tours in Peru
Day 12: Puerto Maldonado - Lima
After early breakfast we leave near dawn and we take a final, shorter paddle around the west end of the lake to try and glimpse the Giant Otters before returning by motor canoe for the 35 minutes return trip to the Puerto Maldonado Airport, taking advantage of valuable early morning wildlife activity along the river. From here you fly to Lima, where your jungle adventure ends.
Arrival to Lima, assistance and transfer to the selected hotel.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Islas Ballestas - Paracas - Tours in Peru
Day 13 Lima - Nazca - Paracas
Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer to the airport to take the flight that took to us to fly over the Nazca lines, that represents geometric figures, animals, etc. and that were elaborated by the old settlers of this zone of Peru. After the visit and of the lunch we will be transferred in a private car towards the National Reserve of Paracas that lodges a high concentration of coastal wild fauna and archaeological rest of the Paracas culture.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Lineas de Nasca - Ica - Tours in Peru
Day 14: Paracas - Lima
Breakfast in hotel.
In the morning we will make an excursion in boat to the Ballestas Islands and Candelabrum, in the passage we will pass by the Bay, the Port of San Martín observed "the Candelabrum" gigantic figure, that it resembles to the figures of Nazca and which single it is appraised from the sea, and in the Ballestas Islands they appreciated great marine fauna, like the marine, guaneras birds, penguins wolves of Humbolt, rocky capricious etc and its formation that constitutes in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian coast. It is not allowed to disembark in the Islands, but the boats arrive until the banks from the same ones from where this wonder of the nature and the wild marine life can be appreciated. The marine lions probably approach until the boat and many penguins in the water are seen. Thousands of marine birds fly between the islands and can get to see their nests on rocks.
After the visit transfer to the bus station to return to Lima.
Transfer from the bus station to the Hotel.
Overnight at the selected hotel.
Day 15: Lima
Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer to the airport for your flight to return home to your country.
If you need more information or a tailor-made program, please Contact Us by email or through our toll free.

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